Adopting the unbelievable accomplishment, if you find yourself adhering to Minister Uptala, Lin Feng heard of the problem of your own Celestial Nation

Adopting the unbelievable accomplishment, if you find yourself adhering to Minister Uptala, Lin Feng heard of the problem of your own Celestial <a href="" rel="noopener"></a> Nation

Lin Feng had been alternatively epic whilst in Heck even though from a fight having a tiny Globe, the guy and you can Jian Mang were able to win the battle of your Mid-Top Emperors. Comprehending that he previously to boost their electricity in an initial time, he adamantly asked commit so when in the event Minister Uptala is actually reluctant, he acquiesced and you can greeting Lin Feng going. When you look at the Celestial Country, Lin Feng as a consequence of life and death fights were able to change their comprehension of Implementation Spells, Lifestyle efforts and Demise energies as well. He was easily recruited to become listed on new Jalacandra Fairyland along with some assistance, went out to explore the newest Celestial Nation. While exploring, he finished up meeting Aoxu, whom once summoning the latest dragon regarding Lin Feng’s body, Aomo, took them to brand new Milky-Means Battleground. Indeed there it stumbled upon the latest Pathfinder Height , and you can Lin Feng went into the within the a bid to confirm his street. Once successfully passage from the Pathfinder Top, the Celestial Country was besieged of the forces of your own Nine Clouds Continent, together with those of Champion University added from the Ji Chang. Lin Feng arranged this new resistance just in case the new entrance to leave the latest Celestial Nation started again, he easily kept to build reinforcements.

Returning away from Hell

Immediately following making the brand new Celestial Country, Lin Feng is fulfilled from the Shichuan , vice minister to your Uptala section. Whilst travelling with Shichuan, Lin Feng was developed alert to the challenge that Jian Mang got dropped toward, and that eventually resulted in new get from Qing Qing. Lin Feng after that orchestrated an agenda that would allow for the refrain out-of themselves and you may Qing Qing, but in the course of time try obligated to return. Sooner, each other Qing Qing and you may Minister Uptala threw in the towel the life so you’re able to ensure the future of Lin Feng, with Minister Uptala turning himself towards the a route of Means Uptala Lotus. Along with his last vitality, the guy caused it to be Lin Feng in order to shelter, only for Lin Feng become found by the Juzi of your Demon Clan . Lin Feng returned to the fresh new Demon Clan and you will kidnapped Yama Hua, the wife regarding Juzi to offer themselves particular independence for the Demon Clan, before stealing their Devil Pool and you may to make their in the past so you can the latest access of Celestial Nation. As he entered the Celestial Nation, the guy put-out Yama Hua, keeping his hope. Immediately following on the Demon Belongings, the guy put out Jian Mang out of his inner world therefore the a couple ones slaughtered the way across the Milky Ways Battleground. Sooner or later they stumbled across Aoxu. Immediately, Lin Feng’s clone is actually slain since race from Tiantai as opposed to this new Moonlight Category taken place. Immediately following data recovery their heart wounds, the three ones sooner made it for the log off from new Black Night Area, in which it used Aoxu’s Dragon Clan record to help you get off.

Tiantai rather than Ji Chang’s Pub

Just like the Lin Feng, Aoxu and you can Jian Mang struggled about Celestial Nation, the latest moved regarding hop out of your Celestial Nation to the Holy City, while traveling, it occurred through to Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi advised them one Ji Chang was actually pion of Holy City and you will do thus feel with an excellent celebratory banquet. Lin Feng donned a mask immediately after which all of them went to this new feast. If you’re truth be told there, they humiliated the newest Ji Clan, that have Jian Mang blinding Ji Wuyou in the act following it left. On back once again to new university, Lin Feng mentioned that they might solve their things on finest service when you look at the school. At the time of one’s greatest service, Lin Feng added Tiantai, and Jian Mang and you will Aoxu so you can kill the professionals of the Stone Class and you will cripple the fresh people in Ji Chang’s bar. Lin Feng manage ultimately battle Ji Chang so you’re able to a good standstill and thus become considered since an asset out-of Champ College. Ji Chang told Lin Feng which he perform continue steadily to the new battle when you look at the Pathfinder Day’s the brand new Imperial Ranking Checklist and you may both communities then distributed.

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