Government Financing and you will Offers to have Canadian students

Government Financing and you will Offers to have Canadian students

Government financing is actually an agreement anywhere between you and new provincial/government. Hence, you’re guilty of getting told of the specifics of their loan including the capital count, any requisite records, the new disbursement schedules, and you will after the through to people information that are unsure. And also this has whenever responsibility and pursuing the upwards should your loan could have been put-off for any reason.

Scholar Eligibility

Eligibility for loan funding is determined by each individual province or territory. If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, you can apply through the province that you have most recently lived for 12 consecutive months ahead of starting your post-secondary program.

When you’re signed up for an eligible system having the absolute minimum 60% out-of a complete-big date movement load (otherwise forty% for students that have joined long lasting handicaps), you might done the full-big date degree loan application. For student college students, this is why you are entered in at least nine session times (or 6 semester circumstances having PD), as well as scholar knowledge it’s the very least registration away from 6 semester period. Losing beneath the sixty% threshold can lead to you to definitely treat your own funding and begin payment.

Please note: students in programs where courses are condensed, such as the BA Leadership or MBA programs, should contact the TWU Financial Aid Office regarding their course load eligibility before completing their loan applications. This also includes undergraduate summer sessions due to the condensed nature of the courses.

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